K-12 Online Conference (Thing 13)

It is so great that professional development opportunities like this are available virtually for anyone, anytime.  It used to be that only those who lived closest to a conference/workshop or those who came from schools with a big PD budget would be able to attend conferences.  But technology has completely changed that!

The session that I watched was called “It’s Not About the App” and it definitely brought up some good points.  He mentioned the fact that we shouldn’t be using technology to do things that we were previously doing with pencil and paper, but need to use technology to do/create things that weren’t possible before.  He also talked about Google’s 80/20 rule where their employees spend 80% of their time working on something that the company has assigned them to do, and 20% of their time working on something that is company related, but is more something that they’re personally interested in.  Seems like a good way to work with kids as well (maybe 90/10 instead!) to keep them engaged and keep their creativity flowing.  The presenter also mentioned that it is important for teachers to also have something that THEY are passionate about so that they can model that creativity and enthusiasm for their students.  I think that these ideas are good things to keep in mind when working with kids so we can keep the creative spark alive in them.

The speaker also mentioned a concrete idea for classroom use (as opposed to ideas or theory).  He mentioned an Instagram user named Josh Johnson who posts photo challenges everyday.  The speaker said he has used those challenges with his students, and that seems like an idea that could be fun and interesting for students of all ages!

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